Lecture on Emotion Analysis in Text

Session Topic Slides Video
1 Introduction pdf
tex zip
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youtube 01
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2 Emotion Theories pdf
tex zip
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youtube 02
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3 Corpora pdf
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youtube 03
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4 Dictionaries pdf
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youtube 04
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5 Assign. 1 Disc.    
6 Cognitive Appr. pdf
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youtube 06
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7 ML Categorization pdf
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youtube 07
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8 Intensity/VAD pdf
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youtube 08
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9 Assign. 2 Disc.    
10 Role Labeling pdf
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youtube 10
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11 Assign. 3 Disc.    
12 Assign. 4 Disc.    

Note that live sessions with student interactions are not available as videos.

If you would like to use the TeX code to create your own lecture on emotion analysis, we are very happy to help. Please send me a short email in which you let me know about your concrete plans, I will provide you with the password. Please acknowledge this course by mentioning the URL https://www.emotionanalysis.de/. Further, note that the slides are designed to be compiled with xelatex and Univers as the font. If you compile with pdflatex, helvetica will be used automatically which slightly breaks the layout.